Weronika Romanik

Core Areas

Cultural Studies, Memory Studies, Hebrew Studies, Yiddish Language and Culture, Holocaust Studies, Oral History and Social Archives.

Research Project

The current research project is titled Underground Archive of the Bialystok Ghetto and Cultural Memory: The Legacy of Mordechai Tenenbaum-Tamaroff in Hebrew, Polish and Yiddish.

The main focus of the project are the works of the leader of the Jewish resistance in Bialystok Ghetto Mordechai Tenenbaum-Tamaroff who initiated the Underground Archive of the ghetto. In the PhD dissertation Weronika Romanik analyzed Mordechai Tenenbaum’s legacy in the context of Memory Studies combining Redaction Criticism, Narrative Analysis and Cultural Memory concept. She concentrated on the Hebrew editions of Tenenbaum’s works and investigated the limits of the editors’ influence on the published material.

During the Fellowship she would like to 1) turn her dissertation into a monograph, 2) complete critical edition of Tenenbaum’s works from the Bialystok Ghetto and 3) expand the subject of the dissertation by exploring the narrations in Yiddish and Polish connected to Tenenbaum’s documents. In her work she refers in particular to the German contemporary perspective in the fast developing Memory Studies field.


PhD in Literature, Hebrew Studies at the Faculty of Oriental Studies (University of Warsaw), BA and MA in Cultural Studies with specialty Hebrew Studies (summa cum laude), MA student in Sociology and Anthropology with specialty Mediations and Negotiations. She studied also at the Hebrew University, Lund University, Tel Aviv University and Vilnius University. In 2015-2017 lecturer at the Taube Department of Jewish Studies, University of Wroclaw; since 2016 lecturer at the Open University of University of Warsaw.

Selected Publications

Mordechai Tenenbaum-Tamaroff’ – the biographical article in: The Polish Biographical Dictionary of Polish Academy of Science (forthcoming in 2019);

Co czytano w czasie Zagłady? Refleksja nad powieścią „Czterdzieści dni Musa Dah” w kontekście żydowskiego ruchu oporu (The readings during the Shoah. Reflections on the Franz Werfel’s novel Forty Days of Musa Dagh in the context of the Jewish resistence movement) in: Studia Judaica. Bulletin of the Polish Association of Jewish Studies (vol. 2) 2017;

with Aleksandra Bańkowska, Podziemne Archiwum Białostockiego Getta. Archiwum Mersika-Tenenbauma (The Underground Archive of Bialystok Ghetto. Mersik-Tenenbaum Archive) in: Holocaust Studies and Materials, Polish Center for Holocaust Research (vol. 9) 2012.