FELLOWS 2014/2015

Catherine Ballériaux (Enlightenment Group)

“What reason teaches me”: Missions on the New World Frontier, c. 1680-1760

Kata Bohus (Anne Frank Group)

Franziska Dübgen (Ethics Group)

Social Justice, Retribution and the Right to Punish

Meelis Friedenthal (Religious Toleration Group)

Reception of new philosophical ideas in university disputations (especially regarding religious tolerance and libertas philosophandi)

Ivan Gaskell (Senior Research Fellow)

Martin Gierl (Enlightenment Group)

The production of knowledge as an event

Iwona Gusc (Anne Frank Group)

Mark Hutchinson (Religious Toleration Group)

God’s Grace and the State — Toleration in Ireland and England, c. 1558-1625

Anthony La Vopa (Senior Research Fellow, Enlightenment Group)

Mohamed Lachhab (Ethics Group)

Debating Justice in Critical Theory from Horkheimer to Rainer Forst

Avi Lifschitz (Enlightenment Group)

Haim Mahlev (Religious Toleration Group)

Theologia Naturalis Hebraeorum? Models of Rational religion in the German Enlightment

Ioana Manea (Religious Toleration Group)

Ethics and Nature in Early Modern Europe (1639-1641)

Ere Nokkala (Academy of Finland Fellow, Enlightenment Group)

Matthias Roick (VW-Freigeist Fellow)

Sheela Saravanan (Ethics Group)

Individual desires/expectations about children in Germany and India in the context of prenatal genetic diagnosis and selective abortions

Mark Schweda (Ethics Group)

Empirically informed ethics of aging in the horizon of modern medicine

Maria Semi (Enlightenment Group)

Human nature seen through the lenses of arts during the Enlightenment

Otto Sibum (Senior Research Fellow)

Andrea Speltz (Enlightenment Group)

“Une symétrie passagère”: Exploring the Interstices of Mathematics, Literature, and Philosophy in the European Enlightenment

Steven Tester (Enlightenment Group)

The Metaphysical Grounds of the Self in Kant’s Paralogisms of Pure Reason

Mirjam van Veen (Religious Toleration Group)

The Radical Reformation and Toleration

Gerben Zaagsma (Anne Frank Group)

Wartime Yiddish diaries