Are We Citizens of Two Worlds?

Mario Brandhorst/Andree Hahmann/Bernd Ludwig (Hg.): Sind wir Bürger zweier Welten? Freiheit und moralische Verantwortung im transzendentalen Idealismus Der Band ist das Ergebnis einer Tagung am Lichtenberg-Kolleg an der die ehemalige Gastwissenschaftlerin Susanne Brauer, PhD, beteiligt war. […]

monks as hippies

13.06.2013 // 8.00 p.m. Public Lecture: Monks as Hippies – Tuning in and Dropping out of the Fourth Century Imperial System Prof. Dr. Edward WattsThe generation of Romans who came of age […]

open day 2013

25.05.2013 // Sunshine. Bright moods. Great presentations and insights into  the research projects of our fellows. The opening of our art exhibition “When Lichtenberg Meets Hogarth“.  Wine-tasting and a BBQ in our […]

representing violence

10.06.2013 // 18.-19.06.2013 International Workshop: Representing Violence: History, Politics and Theory Despite periodic reassurances, the hope that was promised and guaranteed by the twin processes of modernization and secularization has amounted to […]

under construction

Welcome to the new website of the Göttingen Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences. At the moment things are under construction. Please come back soon or visit us on the official […]