First Name Last Name Field of Research
Adam Storring Enlightenment
Shiru Lim Enlightenment
Julia Moses Human Rights
Lars Magnusson European economic thought
Philip Gorski Human Rights
Caroline De Lima e Silva Human Rights
Amandine Barb Human Rights
Dirk Moses Global and intellectual history
Sebastian Schirrmeister Modern Jewish Studies
Mark Hutchinson Early Modern History
Weronika Romanik Modern Jewish Studies
Martina Mampieri Modern Jewish Studies
Jyotirmaya Sharma Political Theory
Birgit Erdle Jewish Studies
Alex Jordan Scholarship Holder Humboldt Foundation
Giovanni Lista Intellectual History
Daniel Wildmann Jewish Studies
Justin Broackes Enlightenment
Deniz T. Kılınçoğlu Intellectual History
Francesca Antonini Intellectual History
William Levine Intellectual History
Bill Bell History of Ideas
Kathryn David Human Rights

Affiliated Fellows and Guests

Former Fellows