Schirrmeister, Sebastian

Core Areas

Jewish Studies, German-Hebrew Studies, literature and exile, historiography of literature, archival research and theory, rhetoric, narratology

Current Project: “Legitimate Passions. Reflections on Revenge (Fantasies) in Modern Jewish Writing”

“And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?” (Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice)

My postdoctoral project focusses on a rather disregarded aspect of the German-Jewish entanglement in the 20th century. Historians have repeatedly noted that the virtual absence of revenge in the aftermath of the Shoah – both in historical and in discursive terms – was most remarkable. In fact, the hegemonic German discourse of reconciliation has been especially reluctant to accept the notion of “angry Jews” at all. A side glance on literature however reveals a whole history of artistic engagement with the complexities and implications of vengeful feelings and deeds in this context. A history, that extends from early examples in the 1940s (e.g. Friedrich Torberg’s Mein ist die Rache) to contemporary Jewish writing and even popular culture and has yet to be explored. Owing to the universal character of revenge both as a human sentiment and as one of the most common narrative topoi, the texts in question transcend borders of language and genre. Novels, short stories, poems, plays, autobiographies, nonfiction books, and (popular) movies in German, Hebrew, English and Yiddish are of equal concern to the project – based on their narrative and poetic examination of revenge and its relation to issues like justice, pleasure, closure, and forgiveness. I am especially interested in narrative strategies of de-/legitimization, intertextual patterns, references to Jewish Thought and to non-literary discourses on revenge as well as the appropriation and transformation of anti-Semitic stereotypes.

Academic Background

M.A. in Jewish Studies and German Literature from University of Potsdam (2011). Lecturer in the Department for German Language and Literature at University of Hamburg (2011–2019). Doctoral fellow at the Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center Jerusalem (2014). PhD in German literature from University of Hamburg (2017). Doctoral thesis on the entanglement of German and Hebrew literature written in Palestine/Israel after 1933.

Selected Publications


Begegnung auf fremder Erde. Verschränkungen deutsch- und hebräischsprachiger Literatur in Palästina/Israel nach 1933. Stuttgart 2019.

Das Gastspiel. Friedrich Lobe und das hebräische Theater 1933–1950. Berlin 2012. (Joseph Carlebach Award 2013)


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