Meola, David

My project at the Lichtenberg-Kolleg will interrogate the role of Jewish Germans in the democratic and liberal movements of the 1830s and 1840s. While there has been some scholarship on Jews involved in the Revolutions of 1848, especially notable individuals like Gabriel Riesser and Johann Jacoby, there has been little scholarship undertaken about lesser known individuals who contributed to these movements on the local and pan-German levels. In preliminary research, I have uncovered the writings of Mortiz Cohen of Hannover (pseudonym, M Honek), who was an associate of the German-Jewish apostate August Lewald (at the journal Europa), as well as other well-known liberals in the Grand Duchy of Baden. Honek edited and contributed to, according to James Brophy, one of the most important liberal Volkskalender of the era, Das Buch für Winterabende. This project looks to uncover German-Jewish individuals who contributed to the liberal and democratic movements, especially on the local level, in order to develop a more concrete idea about their involvement in these movements, and what that meant for those movements, other Jews, and themselves. As part of the broader project, I will also be looking to the aftereffects of the 1848 Revolutions, and involvement in other emancipation struggles, especially that in the United States.

Accepted for publication

“Press’ing for Rights: Jews and the Vormärz German Press,” in The Historical German Jewish Press as Interface. Platform, Mouthpiece,and Sources of Current Research Programmes / Die historische deutsch-jüdische Presse als Schnittstelle. Forum einer Minderheit, Sprachrohr nach außen,Gegenstand und Quellenfundus der aktuellen Forschung(Schriftenreihewissenschaftlicher Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck Instituts), edited by Susanne Marten-Finnis and Michael Nagel, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck. Forthcoming (2021).

This is my manuscript – it is under review – “We will never yield”: Jews, the German Press, and the Fight for Inclusion during the 1840s, Indiana University Press German Jewish Cultures series.

Articles / Chapters

David A. Meola “Introduction,” in A Cultural History of Genocide in the Long Nineteenth Century, edited by David A. Meola. London: Bloomsbury Academic. Forthcoming.

David A. Meola “Mirror of Competing Claims: Antisemitism and Citizenship in Vormärz Germany,” Antisemitism Studies 4, 1 (Spring 2020): 3-47.

David A. Meola “Making News: Jewish Germans and the Expansion of Print Culture during the Vormärz,” Writing for the German Literary Market in the Long Nineteenth Century, eds. Vance Hall and Ervin Malakaj. Berlin: deGruyter, 2000, 121-146.