Magnusson, Lars

Lars Magnusson is Professor and chair in Economic History, Uppsala University, Sweden

I became a Phd in 1980 writing my dissertation of Swedish 18th century agrarian history. I have since taught at Uppsala university mainly in the field of general European economic history, Swedish economic history and the history of economic thought. I received my chair in Uppsala in 1992, served as head of department for more than ten years, as vice president of Uppsala University 2005-2008 and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences in Uppsala 2012-17. I have been a visiting fellow to, for example the Max Planck institute for History (1985, 1986 and 1994), Institute des Hautes Etudes in Paris (1990, 1996, 1998, 2000), the European University in Florence (several periods from 2001-2010) and Keio University, Tokyo (2012). I became a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences in 2004 and served as the chairman the Swedish Collegium of Advanced Study (SCAS) from 2004 to 2017. In 2006 I received an honorary doctoral degree in Kyoto, Japan.

My current interest is mainly on European economic thought 17th to 19th century. On this subject I have published a number of monographs, edited volumes and articles, among monographs for example “Mercantilism: the Shaping of an Economic Language” (1994) “The Tradition of Free Trade” (2003) and “The Political Economy of Mercantilism” (2014). I have also published “An Economic History of Sweden” (2000). I am currently involved in comparative research concerning Cameralism as theory and practice in Europe, 17th-19th centuries. I have just finished a manuscript on the History of Financial Crashes 14th to 21th centuries which will be published in the beginning of 2018.

Recent books

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Recent articles

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