MacLeod, Roy M.

Research Project
The Social Role of the Man of Knowledge

Recent scholarship has drawn fresh attention to the changing roles and responsibilities of scientific experts and technical expertise in modern society. In a tradition that extends back to Max Weber and Karl Mannheim, Florian Znaniecki and Jürgen Habermas, historians and sociologists have debated the Enlightenment origins of the ›social contract‹ between producers of new knowledge, the institutions they create, and the consequences for which they are held accountable. For the last five decades, the emerging discipline of the ›social studies of science‹ has set itself the task of illuminating these intersections of knowledge and power.
My work at Goettingen will focus on just two of these intersections, in two related studies. The first examines the changing relationship between civilian science and the military during the Great War, and its influence on post-war thinking. The second explores the global movement devoted to ›Wissenschaft und Freiheit‹ and the defence of ›scientific autonomy‹ that emerged in the West after 1945, and which proved an enduring feature of the Cold War.
To this work, I will bring my experience as editor of the journals ›Social Studies of Science‹ (co-editor, 1971-1992) and ›Minerva‹ (editor, 2000-2008), both of which have contributed significantly to the exploration of these issues. Whilst in Goettingen, I plan also to study the history of the natural sciences within this remarkable Enlightenment university, and to encourage wider interest in Wissenschaftskultur through conferences and symposia on academic collecting and museum practice.

Selected Publications

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