Künkler, Mirjam

Mirjam Künkler works on Iranian and Indonesian politics. She has published on comparative relations between religion and state in the two countries, on political parties, questions of law and constitutionalism, religious education, and Islamic authority. Her most recent work has focused on questions of female religious authority in Islam, comparative secularism, and the place of religion in the two countries’ legal systems.

She has published books with Columbia University Press and Oxford University Press, and guest-edited special issues and symposia for the journals Party Politics (March 2013), Cambridge Journal of Law and Religion (Jan 2013), Modern Asian Studies (March 2014), and the American Behavioral Scientist (July 2016).

In 2014 she was a PI for a six-month research group on Constitutionalism and Religion at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZIF) in Bielefeld.

At the Lichtenberg-Kolleg, she is part of the group “Human Rights, Constitutional Politics and Religious Diversity”, working mostly on her second monograph on constitutionalism in the Islamic Republic of Iran.