Golf-French, Morgan

I am currently working on a PhD in the History department at UCL under the supervision of Dr Avi Lifschitz and Professor Axel Körner. My project examines responses to the French Revolution, Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic period, as well as other lesser-studied upheavals, at the University of Göttingen. More specifically, I am focusing on the work of Christoph Meiners, Charles de Villers, and Johann Gottfried Eichhorn, as well as several periodicals published through this period.


I hope that my project will serve both to advance our understanding of responses to the Revolutionary and Napoleonic period at the University, and complicate our understanding of German responses to this period more broadly. In particular, I am interested in how these thinkers and publications comprehended the events of this period within broader historical, political and transnational contexts, as well as how they conceptualised their cultural and intellectual relationships with Britain and France.


More broadly, I am interested in concepts of and responses to war and revolution during the long eighteenth century, as well as the relationships between ethical and political thought and concepts of race, gender, religion and nationhood.