Di Paolo, Laura Desirée

Laura Desirée Di Paolo is a Philosopher of Cognitive and Life Sciences, with a particular interest in Primatology, and in Comparative and Developmental Psychology. Her work focuses on Social Cognition and Social Learning strategies in human and nonhuman primates, and on their impact on the evolution of human-like Cultural Cognition. Laura’s PhD thesis, entitled “Culture under construction. The Role of Learning in Reading others’ minds and Building a Cultural Niche”, was defended at Sapienza, University of Rome, in 2014. It focalized on enculturated great apes cognitive social abilities. During her Phd she visited the Australian National University (Australia), under the tutelage of prof. Kim Sterelny, the HPS (History and Philosophy of Science) department in Cambridge (UK), sponsored by prof. Tim Lewens, and attended several events organized by dr. Nathalie Gontier and the AppEEL (Lisbon Applied Evolutionary Epistemology Lab) in Lisbon (Portugal).

Between 2014 and 2015 she was on maternity leave.

She is editing a Springer volume on Primates Social Cognition that will be published within the Interdisciplinary Research series, while she is working on various interdisciplinary projects on the evolution of Cultural Cognition and Language.