Broackes, Justin

Justin Broackes is Professor of Philosophy at Brown University, and was previously a Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. He has published on Colour, Substance, the philosophy of Iris Murdoch, and Plato. His current large project is on Locke, Substance and Quality, examining what Locke (in different ways at different times) made of some crucial contested Aristotelian notions: bringing both some relatively new historical and textual material to bear on questions about the development and character of Locke’s thought. While at the Lichtenberg-Kolleg, he is particularly studying Locke’s European existence—the 3½ years when Locke lived in France and the 5½ years when he lived in the Netherlands during the period of development of the Essay.


He also has a special interest in the philosophy and the science of Colour Blindness—and, not least, the socio-economic changes, as colour vision testing was introduced in the later 19th Century for workers on the Railways and in Shipping.