Apressyan, Ruben

Ruben Apressyan is a head of the Department of Ethics, Institute of Philosophy (Moscow). He also teaches at Moscow Lomonosov State University and collaborates with Institute for Applied Ethics, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (Siberia)

Core Areas

History of Ethics, genealogy of morality, nature of morality, normative and applied ethics, public morality, violence and nonviolence, charity, love.

Current Research Project consists of three parts: (a) a study of British ethical sentimentalism with particular focus on Francis Hutcheson’s conception of the moral sense and development of his arguments through polemics with ethical intellectualists; (b) together with an affiliated Lichtenberg-Kolleg fellow Dr. Matthias Roick a joint research of the history of ethics in respect to its transformation during the early modern period and, specifically, (c) the emergence of modern philosophical concept of morality.

Recent Books

  • History of Modern Ethics: Lectures and Papers. Moscow, Direct-Media, 2014 (in Russian).
  • Achilles’ Moral Change: The Sources of Morality in Archaic Society. A Study on the Homeric Epic. Moscow, Alfa-M, 2013 (in Russian).
  • Ethical Principles of Science Activity: Analytical Review and Draft Declaration for CIS. St.-Petersburg: Paster NIIEM Publishers, 2011 (with: Boris Yudin and Olga Kubar; Bilingual Russian-English edition).
  • ed. Towards the Right to Lie. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2011 (in Russian).