During the academic year 2020/2021 the fellows of the Lichtenberg-Kolleg are:

NameFirst NameField of Research
AntoniniFrancescaIntellectual History
BarbAmandineHuman Rights
DavidKathrynHuman Rights
De Lima e SilvaCarolineHuman Rights
ErdleBirgitModern Jewish Studies
GaskellIvanHistory of Material Culture / Permanent Fellow
JordanAlexanderHistory / Humboldt Fellow
Kılınçoğlu Deniz T. History
La VopaTonyEnlightenment / Permanent Fellow
LevineWilliamIntellectual History
MagnussonLarsEuropean Economic Thought / Permanent Fellow
MampieriMartinaModern Jewish Studies
RoickMatthiasHistory of Ethics / VW Freigeist
RomanikWeronikaModern Jewish Studies
SchirrmeisterSebastianModern Jewish Studies
SharmaJyotirmayaPolitical Theory
VarouxakisGeorgiosIntellectual History
WhitmerKellyEnlightenment / Humboldt Fellow
WildmannDanielModern Jewish Studies

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