What a week for us at the Kolleg! Two of our fellows have won three-year Marie Curie Global Fellowships.


  • Iryna Mykhailova, who was a Moritz Stern Early Career Fellow in 2017-2019 has won a Marie Curie Global Fellowship for her project ‘Humanism behind the Iron Curtain: Italian Renaissance Studies in the Soviet Union‘ — it takes her to Harvard and Ca’ Foscari in Venice.


  • Jonas Gerlings has won a Marie Curie Global Fellowship for his project ‘Kant, a Cosmopolitan in Königsberg: an Idea for a Local History with a Cosmopolitan Aim‘ — it takes him to the Neubauer Collegium at the University of Chicago and then, in the academic year 2023-2024 to us in Göttingen.


Marie Curie Global Fellowships are life changing. In terms of international academic mobility, they offer outstanding unique opportunities. ‘Marie Curie’ is simply one of the best programmes of the European Commission.